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@theshadiertwin: not sure if you are amenable to slash fic but if you don't mind james reimer/jonathan bernier slash, I highly recommend "I won't replace you" by bethepuck on AO3. It is still ongoing and has a lot of reimer's angst and issues regarding his position etc. Bernier has his own issues in the fic; I won't spoil it for you but it is a very compelling read.

I’m sure this will be much appreciated, thank you!

theshadiertwin asked:

On your next podcast, can you guys rec Reimer fic? I'm a Toronto fan and as much as not being in the playoffs hurts, the thought of actual angel James Reimer no longer on the team because of actual metatron Randy Carlyle hurts worse.

We will certainly look into this! And thank you for your advice in your other ask! In the meantime, can any of you darling followers help us out with this request?


For everyone whose team has been eliminated:


For everyone whose team has been eliminated:

Anonymous asked:

Any Jamie Benn feelings?

This is being added to our spreadsheet, but in the meantime, you must link up with java-genie (Toni). She might love him more than she loves gluten-free cookie dough from Whole Foods (which is saying something because we all know how delicious everything from Whole Foods is!)

dekeysersoze asked:

When are people going to write me ALL THE RED WINGS FIC?

You hear the call, fandom! DO THE THING! 

Sidenote- if any of you ever want to con  sweet talk more fic into being written about a pairing or team you like, please feel free to submit an audio recording or written statement or primer for us to share on air. We’re always willing to help educate others!

Seriously, Ask Us Anything!

As most of you already know, we’re doing a live, reddit-style Ask Us Anything segment for the next episode of the show. We are open to literally anything your heart could desire to know! Many of you have already answered our call and submitted interesting questions to the group like “If you could get high with any player, who would it be and why?” and “what do you consider bad fic?” and “are you foremost a fan of the game or of the fic”?

These are AWESOME, thank you all. Feel free to keep them coming. However, we also want to encourage you to get more personal with it. You can target each of us INDIVIDUALLY

For example-  Why is Carol (Kelfin) currently not on speaking terms with Erik Johnson? Why does Abby (ionthesparrow) hate love? How on earth does Erica (ukiyo91) juggle having a writing partner without wanting to punch them in the face over creative differences? Why did Kay (thenorthface) decide to torture Jonny quite possibly the most he’s ever been tortured in fandom in her ‘tradeverse’? Will anyone ask Zoe (empathapathique) a question that isn’t about the next chapter of Chelsea? And will Toni (java-genie) ever post her Careful Cooking Sequel?

You get the idea. Submit your questions as comments on the website, as emails (as always, you can find us at hockeyfactpodcast@gmail.com), or as tweets. You’re also more than welcome to submit asks anonymously on tumblrTo reiterate, we will not know who you are if you do this!! Be as sassy or as invasive as you’d like.

The plan is to answer these questions live, on-air, using Google Hangouts on Air. The tentative airtime is April 21st, 10:30 p.m. EST/7:30 p.m. PST. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


The HF Girls

Were you impressed or surprised when Carey came to the bench to remove his teeth?

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Roberto Luongo listening to Big Ol’ Goala song of healing for NHL netminder Roberto Luongo.